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The Suffolk Pod Show

We were thrilled to work with Susanna and Marc from for our latest podcast. So surprised when they got in touch asking us to do a whole episode just to ourselves - we expected to be sharing the microphone with 3 other businesses! But we are always up for a challenge and anyone that knows us will know that talking is something that we do quite easily - and well (most of the time!)

We went into the office and sat in different rooms on our phones and just chatted about the stuff that matters to us most and that we feel passionate about! It was quite an eclectic range of topics and all felt very topical. We talked about stress and anxiety in the workplace and how this is affecting us all at the moment, we showcased a business that we work with and a service that we set up called 'Time 2 Talk', it gives employees someone and somewhere to go and be listened too! We talked about Menopause - you know 51% of the population go through it but we just don't talk about it much! 1 in 4 women consider quitting their job because of the symptoms that they suffer - we talk about raising awareness and just a few quick fixes that could help. And, finally we talked about 'Everyone's Invited' and Sexual harassment in schools and in the workplace - what part do parents play and the role of pornography in blurring the lines about consent!

To end we decided to offer a free 10 minute Wellness at Work webinar to anyone that listened! If you would like to listen click here:

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