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That Sunday night feeling!

We all get it! In a recent survey 78% of respondents said they got it[1]! Usually much worse after a holiday or a long break (like the 6 weeks Summer Holiday); it’s that feeling of dread, panic, and often sadness that engulf us just as the weekend comes to an end and we have to face Monday morning, whatever that may bring! Holidays are proven to have both physical and mental health benefits; which can last for up to 2 months after your return[2]. However, this doesn’t help with those feelings which mean you get a disturbed night’s sleep, you worry about what your friends and colleagues are going to be like and what you are going to have to face when you return. Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope may be a little more than ‘that Sunday night feeling’ and if those feelings continue you may need to see your GP.

What can you do to beat the Sunday blues?

Here are our top 5 tips!

1. Do something fun on a Sunday evening! Maybe just watch your favourite funny film or play a board game with the family

2. Plan to re-connect with friends or colleagues prior to returning to school or work; especially after a long break

3. Get ready – be prepared for Monday; decide what to wear or have the school uniform ready, pack you bag the night before, don’t leave things till the last minute! (We all know the juggling act to get the school shoes at just the right moment to avoid the mammoth queues but not so that by September they are already too small!)

4. Relax and distract – some simple relaxation and exercise can help – unplug from electronic gadgets but don’t avoid the subject of returning to work or school for the whole of the holiday period.

5. Plan to do something nice on Monday after you’ve ‘survived’ your first day back and it wasn’t as bad as you thought!

Just remember, whether you are returning to work after a 2-week holiday or you are preparing your child to return to school after a 6-week holiday, 99% of the time it’s never as bad as you imagine and the things you worry about never actually happen.

And apologies to everyone expecting this blog to be about ‘Sleep’ but with everyone going back to school and returning from holiday we just had to do this one first! Sleep next time…we promise!

[1]Schocker, L – The Sunday night blues are real – here’s how to beat them. Huff post – 6.12.17

[2]Clark, C – How vacations really boost physical and mental health. www, 2018

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