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101 Ways to show someone you love them (without having sex!)

Having sex is an important decision to make, so it’s OK to wait until you both decide that this is want you want to do. You are not unusual if you decide you want to wait – many people do! Don’t be pressurised into having sex, if you have doubts then why not wait? Sex should be a choice. Know the facts so that you can keep yourself safe and remember you can always say no!

Here are our 101 suggestions about how you can show someone that you love them without having sex!

1.Tell them. 2. Give or receive a hug. 3. Snuggle up together. 4. Let them know you care. 5. Hold hands. 6. Go for a long bike ride together. 7. Give a special present. 8. Be there when they need a friend. 9. Talk about your feelings. 10. Share your dreams with each other. 11. Make sure the other person feels important and wanted. 12. Sit together looking at a great view. 13. Go swimming. 14. Cook a meal together. 15. Find out what’s special for them. 16. Liston to worries. 17. Send them flowers. 18. Spend the evening together without phones. 19. Go star gazing. 20. Send a flirty text. 21. Write a poem. 22. Be best mates 23. Take them on a mystery trip. 24. Leave romantic notes for them to find. 25. Make a sacrifice for each other. 26. Go to a concert. 27. Play footsie. 28. Save them your last Rolo. 29. Tickle each other. 30. Laugh at something funny together. 31. Be faithful. 32. Impress each other. 33. Give them some space. 34. Blow kisses. 35. Have a photo taken together. 36. Go shopping. 37. Cuddle at the cinema. 38. Win them a prize at the funfair. 39. Give each other pet names. 40. Trust each other. 41. Share a hobby. 42. Watch the sunset together. 43. Send a funny card. 44. Share private jokes. 45. Find out what makes them sad. 46. Have a request played on the radio. 47. Do things for each other without being asked. 48. Have fun together. 49. Whisper in each other’s ear. 50. Give each other sexy looks. 51. Choose a special favourite song. 52. Gaze at each other. 53. Go for a moonlight walk. 54. Hold each other close. 55. Share food. 56.Write one another letters. 57. Go out running. 58. Flirt with each other. 59. Be proud of each other. 60. Make a photo album together. 61. Read a book and discuss it. 62. Meet each other’s friends. 63. Find out what makes each other happy. 64. Go for a bus ride together. 65. Throw a party together. 66. Give each other compliments. 67. Go dancing. 68. Write a love song. 69. Cook each other’s favourite food. 70. Go on a day trip. 71. Catch their eye. 72. Share clothes. 73. Walk arm in arm. 74. Go out for a curry. 75. Play a computer game together. 76. Share joys. 77. Give up something for them. 78. Bake a cake together. 79. Play a board game together. 80. Get a takeaway together. 81. Go to each other’s favourite restaurant. 82. Be willing to compromise. 83. Share secrets. 84. Watch the sun rise. 85. Be a shoulder to cry on. 86. Meet each other’s family. 87. Talk to each other about sex. 88. Be nice even when you are in a bad mood. 89. Talk long into the night. 90. Be honest with each other. 91. De-ice the car on cold winter mornings. 92. Surprise each other when they least expect it. 93. Sit in silence. 94. Don’t mind if they go out with their mates. 95. Let them have the last word. 96. Say sorry. 97. Be true to yourself. 98. Always remember special anniversaries. 99. Turn your phones off when you are with each other. 100. Peel the onion for them. 101. Watch them play their sport even in the rain!

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Laurence Hartnell
Laurence Hartnell
Apr 25, 2023


This is such a terrifying format, it's near impossible to read.

And what is with the oddly specific stuff or broken grammar/typos used in here? Was this even proofread?


Gillian Martin
Gillian Martin
Mar 21, 2022

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